Joys of Working From Home

After last night’s scary tornadoes, it’s a relief to be sitting outside on a beautiful day, working on a deck. Also, working from home means you get to multitask while on calls, so I made carnitas while trying to think of how to explain the difference between longitudinal time series models and structural equation models, to CMOs who only care …

Tasseologic is SIX today!

Tasseologic is SIX today. Great combination of our 6th birthday and International Women’s Day–given our heavy concentration of women with major intellectual horsepower. Check out our incomparable team at here.

What the #Tasseoladies really look like

  I guess this is what you get when you ask a group of wacky women for an updated photo for the website. In our defense, Andrea did ask us to submit new pictures and she said, no pictures with extra chins or arms (as in, don’t just photoshop your ex-boyfriend out badly and send me that picture). But really, …

The world is indeed flat.

So I’m in NY today, to talk to a NY/NJ based group, about CRM work we did in Shanghai, by people who are based in Dallas TX, Louisville KY, and Singapore, for our client who is based in Singapore. Go figure.

Tasseologic short-listed for three CRM Awards

I’m very proud to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in the Asia Loyalty & Engagement Awards in three different categories: 1. Best CRM Strategy, 2. Best use of customer insights 3. Best relationship marketing B2C. We won’t know who wins until July 15th, but proud that our small but mighty team is recognized for our work, right alongside the big …