When Technology doesn’t work–Working on the road @Tasseologic

Just finished a call with two people in Shanghai, one person in Singapore, one person in France, and one person in Roma airport. Yeah this isn’t one of those “Isn’t technology great?!” posts. Technology can really suck sometimes, but when it doesn’t work, it makes you realize how you take for granted the hundreds of times it does work. So …

Serenaded in your “office” @Tasseologic

Ericka and me, sitting in our “office” today minding our own business (and that of a couple of clients whose work we we were discussing) when this should happen. When was the last time you got serenaded at work?

View from my “office” today

View from my “office” today in Salerno, Italy. Cranking out decks for Asia CRM and Global CRM for a client, formulating a solution for a Tourism board, and thinking of how to present solutions for a prospective automotive client.

DDB forges data-driven partnership with Tasseologic in Asia

DDB has announced a new strategic partnership with data and CRM firm Tasseologic, helping the creative group offer these solutions to its clients. The partnership means Tasseologic is opening its first office in Asia, alongside DDB Group in Singapore. The partnership will be in place across several Asian markets and will focus on key areas such as media spend effectiveness, loyalty …

Kicking off a CRM workshop in Shanghai @Tasseologic

All right! Go team Tasseo (plus Paul)! Kicking off a CRM workshop in Shanghai and so ready to do this. What you don’t see here, is that one of us had just spilled a Venti coffee all over himself/herself. I’m not saying who, but we still rocked it this day.