The Company


We uncover what your customers have been trying to tell you through their actions and help you translate that into a customer experience.

How We Help Our Clients
We help clients by making data-driven marketing decisions that drive revenue.

We’ve had the corner offices and the big name brands and the fancy titles. As a team of individuals with “big agency” experience, we’ve joined forces as Tasseologic to put the agency model on its head: we are tenured, we are fast and we collaborate across all client teams to deliver results.

Often at big agencies, we’ve had margin pressures and P&L pressures that prevented us from getting the best people/companies to do the job. The holding company, not the client’s needs, dictated who we partnered with and how we solved their needs.

Today, we seek out work that is challenging, and embrace the freedom to partner with clients and team members that push us to do our best, and use our data-smarts to drive profitable marketing for our clients.

Come to Tasseologic to help transform your data into actionable information, consumer insight, and your insight into profit. Even with just a little bit of data, we can unlock a strategy that will deliver results, with predictability and profit.  Together, we craft a marketing strategy that is custom built for your consumers and helps your company grow.

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