Case Studies


Optimize media spend across all channels

Models increased sales by 15-20% by quantifying inter-media synergies

Media Optimization

Media & Entertainment

Classify 11 million customers into manageable segments

Changed nomenclature and methodology at all marketing touch points with

Latent Class Segmentation


Monetize value of non-ecommerce website

Demonstrated value of website in driving offline sales, as well as intent to 
purchase metrics

Survey-Driven ROI Models


Impact of unemployment on media spending

Identified the flex-point in unemployment that changed USMC enlistment thresholds

Macroeconomic Variables


Creative optimization across 2041 cells

Within 6 weeks, predicted top & bottom 5 marketing messages with 200-300% incremental lift

Fractional Factorial Test Designs


Pre-test offers before deploying in market

Identified the best offers for market penetration as well as profitability

Conjoint: Optimize Messages


Reduce marketing costs without reducing profits

Saved $10MM
- De-marketing +$5MM
Reduced sample size $2MM

Predictive Models for Marketing


Media costs too high

Reduced CPA by 40%
-Hit annual business goals in 8 months despite reduced spend

Media Mix Models


Optimize creative in emails

Increased across all metrics
-Doubled open rates
-Tripled CTR-Increased sales by 36%

Fractional Factorial Design

Media & Entertainment

Quickly identity profitable customers

Within 3 months, predicted revenue per individual with 80%+ accuracy

Portfolio Migration


Optimization models to predict pricing impacts

Guided investment decisions: $1MM toward rate increase, new money promotion or media

Economic Trade Offs


Show financial impact of CRM

Generated 19:1 ROI
-Grew customer database by +200%
-Learned more about customers for further personalization

Personalized Offers Using Customer Data