Roger Gorman

Andrea Pikulinski

It’s hard to know how best to describe Roger. Should we start with the fact that he is a licensed SCUBA instructor? Should we emphasize his history as a photographer, or should we list instead his abilities as a pilot? Maybe we should pay a nod to his extraordinary culinary abilities?

Perhaps we should mention his ability to fix anything that breaks in the office—from computers, phones, and faxes to dry wall and bathroom tiles. Maybe what really tells you a lot about him is that Roger learned to sail a boat by reading a book—and then proceeded to live on the sailboat for years with no untoward incidents. This multi-faceted man brings his ability to tackle anything with gusto and perfectionism to bear for Tasseologic by managing our contracts, billing & invoicing, payroll, office equipment and security regulations. Without him, there would be no invoices nor payroll and we would never get paid, so we accord him the respect he so richly deserves.