Sandra Stokes

Andrea Pikulinski

Sandra Stokes joins our team as a statistician with 15+ years of experience in marketing and credit risk analytics. Sandra has her Masters degree in Economics from the University of North Texas and graduated with the honors of Summa Cum Laude. Sandra spent her first years after college working as an analyst and modeler for Rapp Collins working on clients such as: Travelocity, Direct Energy, Direct TV, HP and many more. During her time at Rapp Collins she became well versed in time series modeling, logistic regression, segmentation, profiling, latent class modeling, squinch & conjoint analysis, and optimization.

Sandra then moved on to the world of Risk Analytics. The last 8 years of her career was spent at Citigroup’s Global Risk Modeling team, where she developed customer credit risk models for Citi¹s international portfolios. Sandra’s clients at Citi included: Citi Brazil, Citi Central American, Citi Colombia, Citi Russia, Citi UAE, Citi Italy, Citi Thailand and many more. During her time at Citi she was exposed to big messy data including bureau and transaction data from various systems and countries all over the world and is excellent at turning messy, unorganized data into results that can be modeled, interpreted and utilized. Sandra has worked on logistic models, time series models, revenue optimization models, life time profitability analysis, strategy, and much more. Sandra also had the opportunity to train and mentor many team members at Citi that were just starting their statistical career fresh out of college.

After 8 years of banking and credit risk, Sandra had returned to her marketing roots in late 2014. Sandra’s software skills include: SAS, Knowledge Studio/Seeker, Enterprise Guide, Xeno, Unix, and all Microsoft office.